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October 28, 2015
by akwok@uoregon.edu

Tour: Lawrence Hall Systems Tour

How does Lawrence Hall breathe?  Up to the roof, down to the basement, come and hear the history of design integration of the different phases of Lawrence Hall on a tour led by Professor Donald Corner and Christine (UO Facilities)

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October 14, 2015
by devins

Wednesday, Oct. 14th Lunch-n-Learn: Welcome Welcome! Sexiest Systems!


Come on down to Lawrence 286 at NOON for free pizza and a hearty welcome to the new members of ASHRAE UO’s leadership team!  We’ll be asking the tough questions:  What are our TOP FIVE SEXIEST buildings with cool integrated mechanical systems solutions?

How do all those words go together?  Trust us.  They do.  We’ll show you.

Eat, debate, learn, and get a preview of what ASHRAE wants to bring you this year in services, events and tours.  Bring a friend!  Nerd out!  See you there!

Super Sexy Event Poster! —-> LnL_10_14_15_poster

April 7, 2015
by devins

April 15 – Lunch and Learn, H-2-0 Edition!


Join ASHRAE for our first meeting of the term (excluding a guest appearance this Saturday at HOPES… come see us work some magic between some stellar HOPES events).

We’ve got room 206 booked for WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th at noon.  Come get your pizza on and let’s talk about something big: Water, change, and the building industry.  We’ll also be discussing our upcoming events, including preparations for the coming year.  Looking to get involved?  Get started this term!


February 24, 2015
by devins

March 3rd – Tour LCC’s Downtown Campus With Roger Ebbage and UO ASHRAE!

LCC Downtown Tour 2015 Poster-01

On Tuesday, March 3rd at 4:00pm join the UO ASHRAE crew for a tour of Lane Community College’s downtown campus (101 West 10th Avenue, Eugene- across from the Eugene Public Library)!

If you haven’t set foot in this building you might not know that it showcases several sustainable design strategies, and looks pretty good doing it.  That’s why we’ve got Roger Ebbage, Director of Energy and Water Education Programs at the Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute to show us around the place.  It’ll be a good time, and a great chance to see some systems you might not otherwise.

Sign-up list is outside the door of Pacific 100 (Alison Kwok’s office), so head on down there, then head on out on March 3rd to explore LCC Downtown with us!

LCC Downtown Tour 2015 Poster

January 31, 2015
by akwok@uoregon.edu

LEED GA Workshop, February 21 9:00 – 5:00p LA 206

Taught by David Posada, GBD Architects.  Prepare for the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exam, receive study materials and experience, gain insight into LEED in practice and IDP.

Eugene: envelopes and sign up at 100 Pacific Hall, next to door. Payment secures space

If you are interested, have questions, or would like to arrange payment, contact Luis Erazo <lerazo@uoregon.edu> or Will Brechter <brechter@uoregon.edu>.  Cost: $50 for ASHRAE student members; $75 for non-ASHRAE members (become a member? $20; and save $5!).  Limited to 32 participants.  Sponsored by the UO ASHRAE Student Branch:  http://uoashrae.uoregon.edu.

January 31, 2015
by akwok@uoregon.edu

ASHRAE Lunch and Learn Wed. February 4, LA 206

  • Pizza!
  • Video Presentation of research (David, Kiana, John, Amanda)
  • Short sharing of experience with photos (David, Kiana, John, Amanda, Tyler, Kyle, Haley, Alison)
  • News and upcoming events:
    ASHRAE Trivia Night in Portland, Feb. 12
    LEED GA Workshop, Feb. 21

January 7, 2015
by akwok@uoregon.edu

ASHRAE Lunch and Learn: noon January 8, LA 286

Bill Bahnfleth, past president of ASHRAE Society, professor Penn State University, and Director of the Indoor Environment Center, champion of net zero projects will discuss ASHRAE activities.  We will also show a short/draft video of “Campus Unplugged” developed by John Loest, Amanda Daniels, David Jones, Kiana Motahari, and Luke Larsen, which they will show at the ASHRAE meeting in Chicago on January 25, 2015.

November 21, 2014
by devins


Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 3.15.14 PM
Friday //  November 21  //  Noon  // Lawrence 279

Where we’ll eat pizza and learn about Apollo 13, the ISS, and:

NASA Tech for Earthly Structures-
What NASA designed for space might have applications for energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality and other aspects of the building industry on Earth.  They have an entire database of technologies that they’ve helped develop in partnership with civilian groups that impact life and research here on earth, with plenty of advancements that have contributed (or have yet to contribute!) to the HVAC/ Homebuilding/Green Building industries.  Check them out here: http://spinoff.nasa.gov/spinoff/database/

Click below for a sampling of cool building and HVAC tech innovations to come out of NASA research:


Go Ducts!  In Space!

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